Children's eyesight

Does my child see well?

It is possible to follow child's vision development. If a baby does not show any interest for near objects it may mean it does not see them. Sense of sight  develops together with coordination of eyes, hands and body. So the reason for child's clumsiness may be weak eyesight as the perception of distance and depth is inhibited.


Eyesight and concentration

Good eyesight helps to focus on the activity at hand. If a schoolchild does not see well what is written on the board, they can abandon following the teacher altogether. Symptoms of an eyesight disorder may be rubbing the eyes, headaches, mixing up letters when writing, following the text with the finger when reading and even unwillingness to read. It is good make sure  before the start of the school that the spectacle frames are of the right size and lenses are not scratched. The spectacle lenses may have just become too weak with age. An optometrist is allowed to prescribe spectacles to children starting from the age of 8, however, if there is a need, the child is sent to an ophthalmologist.


Do I have to check my child's eyesight – how to notice that my child does not see well?

Children's eyes and normal development of eyesight have to be checked already at an early age. Eye examination with the specialist is necessary if you notice any aberration in the position of eyes (mis-alignment of the eyes) or if the child does not distinguish small things or details.

Uncorrected refraction disorder can lead to a persistent weak eyesight which means that the child's vision does not develop properly and is often impossible to be corrected later even with the help of spectacles.


Eyesight during early years

The near vision of a newborn baby is weak but during the first year it develops until the normal level. It is interesting to notice how the child interprets what it sees. At the beginning the child sees only images and silhouettes, then starts to recognize them and later learns the colours. Together with the development of eyesight children learn to coordinate the movements with what they see.


Eye examination at the age of 3 at latest

You should check children's eyesight with the ophthalmologist at the age of 3 at the latest. At the time it is still possible to determine the disorders of eyes development and treat them. Before starting the school and during schoolyears the child's eyesight should be examined once a year.